CC-Expertise is a Contact Center and Telecommunications Consultancy company that is focused on assisting contact centres with their technology needs. At CC-Expertise we understand that creating a successful contact centre is not just about maximizing the technology to the fullest, but it is also about getting the best out of your human resources and increasing their productivity.

To meet these goals, CC-Expertise offers Consultancy and Professional Services to assist contact centre companies in delivering customer satisfaction whilst meeting the desired service levels. CC-Expertise is also a provider of contact centre solutions. We leverage our extended expertise in the contact center arena in general and around Genesys product suite in particular and package our innovative ideas and concepts to help contact center users operate their platforms more efficiently.


The CC-Expertise team has extensive experience of consulting to various user profiles in the contact centre field. We delivered tailored consultancy sessions to support you throughout your project.

Project Management

The CC-Expertise team has over 15 years experience in the Contact Center business field covering both business and technical fields. Our core business is to provide excellence in customer services, contact centre project implementation.

We have a proven track record in leading large cross-functional, multi-disciplined and multi-cultural project teams. We provide value added and commercial experience to your project governance including tender management and vendor selection based on standard methodologies.

Technical Support

In environments faced with an increasing complexity in technology components, it is most important to ensure continuous efficiency of your business operations.

To meet this prime objective of maintaining the highest availability levels of your technical platform, The GenExpertise team can provide you with skilled resources and a European wide project experience that can help your existing support staff. Beyond fixing technical issues, our objective is to train and share our experience and best practices with your own support team.

Application Development

The CC-Expertise team also thrives at leveraging its experience and subjet matter expertise for the benefit of our customers through offering applications with a lot of built-in Genesys know how.

We are the team behind the AuditGen audit solution that offers to technical as well as operational users a set of features and capabilities aiming at improving the efficiency of your operations.

Custom Training

Many customers acknowledge and appreciate the obvious benefit of having tailored training that completes and helps put generic vendor training into the context of their very own project environment.

We understand that customers and support users have specific needs and requirements when it comes to training and knowledge transfer and offer our services to help you design and deliver custom training sessions.

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